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Beginner oil painting class

Small Group Class, easy and stress-free learning oil painting


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Unique art teaching concept, innovative teaching mode

1 Day Stained Glass Workshop
Oil Painting Workshop
Museum 1

Kids Creative Class (Small Class)

Small class teaching, the teacher specifies the teaching content, and the main purpose of unified teaching is to cultivate children's interest in painting. The main purpose is to combine a variety of materials for teaching, and the creativity and foundation go hand in hand to stimulate the balanced development of children's left and right brain thinking.

Oil painting master class (small class)

The professional teacher team tailors the teaching content for different students. The class time is flexible. You only need to make an appointment in advance without worrying about missing courses. It is suitable for beginner students.

Sketch Beginner Class (Small Class)

The foundation of all kinds of painting is that sketching is easy and easy to master once you have mastered sketching and then other kinds of painting. The course focuses on the basics of painting and requires a lot of practice. It is believed that after hard work,
You will definitely take a qualitative leap in painting.

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About M78artspace

M78artspace studio (oil painting, sketch studio) was established in 2013. It is the most professional academic art studio in Melbourne. It is located in Melbourne CBD, the famous art building (Nicholas Building) opposite Melbourne flinders station and St. Paul's Cathedral. There are more than 100 art students.

M78artspace has professional teachers and Melbourne's unique teaching mode and system, which is suitable for students of all ages and painting foundations. The studio is mainly divided into several majors, oil painting class, sketching class, watercolor class, Victorian VCD college entrance examination art training, and children's oil painting class. In the past 6 years, it has delivered a large number of students with solid skills to Melbourne Art College, including RMIT Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Swinburne Swinburne School of Design, Melbourne University Melbourne Art Department, etc.

In addition to high-quality art teaching, M78 studio pays more attention to the development of external platforms, providing more art platforms and work practice opportunities for m78 students. The studio holds a large-scale Melbourne art exhibition "M78 Artshow" every year. It has been held for 2 sessions so far, and has received strong support and participation from leaders from all walks of life in Melbourne and the government, and issued certificates.

Whether you want to show your creativity, improve your painting skills, or simply touch art and taste life, M78's professional professional tutor team, rich art courses, art concepts, and strong artistic atmosphere will help you fulfil your dreams. to start your Art Life mode.

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