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Oil Painting Workshop

Oil painting beginner class (small class)

Suitable age: 10 years old and above

The professional teacher team tailors the teaching content for different students. The class time is flexible. You only need to make an appointment in advance without worrying about missing courses. It is suitable for beginner students.

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Sketch Academy (Small Class)

Suitable age: 10 years old and above

The foundation of all types of painting is  the sketch. Once you have reached certain level of It that could easily utilise variety of drawing medium to fulfilling your creativities. 

The course focuses on the basics of painting and requires a lot of practice. It is believed that after hard work,
You will definitely take a qualitative leap in painting.

Kids Painting

Kids Creative Class (Small Class)

Suitable age: 4-6 years old

Small class teaching, the teacher specifies the teaching content, and the main purpose of unified teaching is to cultivate children's interest in painting. The main purpose is to combine a variety of materials for teaching, and the creativity and foundation go hand in hand to stimulate the balanced development of children's left and right brain thinking.

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VCE Portfolio Tutoring

Suitable for: Victorian high school students in grades 11-12

Melbourne's most senior and professional art tutor team, our students are located in famous design schools such as RMIT and Swinburne. Most of  students that mentored by us were selected into VCD TOP Design

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Oil Painting Workshop

Kids painting class

Suitable age: 6-10 years old

Increase children's love for art, improve their interest and enlightenment on art, provide a platform for children to learn oil painting